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Thank you for registering your interest for the complimentary fleece jacket. Your submission will be verified and a confirmation email will be sent to you if successful. We look forward to seeing you at our Home & Away with Mapletree event! For clarifications or queries, please contact Gillian Chng,

Please check your eligibility for the giveaway and the ‘Terms & Conditions’ (at the bottom of this page) before completing the form.

Mapletree Complimentary Fleece Jacket Giveaway

If you are currently enrolled/ accepted to a university/ college in the UK, US or Canada, please indicate the name of the institution:
What are the TOP 3 factors you considered when choosing your university?
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Would you be able to collect the jacket personally?
If not, please fill up the details in the Authorisation Form below, of your authorised person who will be collecting the jacket on your behalf.
If you are unable to appoint anyone at this moment, you may download a copy of the authorisation form for use during the collection.
The Proxy will need to present ALL of the following documents during collection:
  1. Email confirmation (printout or on mobile device)
  2. Copy of Registrant’s MY ID, copy of Letter of Acceptance or valid Student ID
  3. Proxy’s original photo ID
Terms & conditions:
  1. Please bring along (a) your Identification Card (b) your Letter of Acceptance, or Student ID and (c) Email Confirmation (printout or on mobile device) for verification purposes.
  2. Mapletree reserves the right to refuse any collection if any of the required documents are not produced or if the document is unclear.
  3. If you are unable to collect the fleece jacket in person, please complete the Authorisation Form to authorise another person (proxy) to collect on your behalf. The Proxy will need to bring along the completed and signed Authorisation Form, as well as a) Email confirmation (printout or on mobile device), b) Copy of Registrant’s MY ID and Copy of Registrant’s Letter of Acceptance or copy of Student ID, and c) Proxy’s original photo ID.
  4. Mapletree fleece jackets are non-exchangeable upon collection.
  5. Mapletree fleece jackets are not for sale or to be exchanged for money.
  6. Each registrant is only entitled to one Mapletree fleece jacket.